10 Easy Steps To Decorate Or Re-Decorate Spaces

1. Area
Select 1 area at a time (for example, master bedroom, play area, living room, etc.)
2. Time
Set up a timeline and write it down. It is important to know when your project will start and end. Add an extra 3-5 days in case something unexpected happens (for example, children got sick, family visits, handyman is not available, etc.)
3. Budget
Set a budget (REALISTIC one with current prices; you can Google items you’d like to add or change and get an idea on actual costs). Use Numbers app or Excel.

4. Share
Involve your family (husband or wife, and children). They must be part of the process and be excited about it
5. Theme and Color
Select a theme or range of colors (Pinterest app is a great source of information where you can write “Marine bedroom” and you will see a world of spectacular ideas). Go to model houses, visit furniture stores like City Furniture or Pottery Barn, where you can see the beautifully decorated rooms. On the internet you can search for current trends such as Nautical, Marine, Boho Chic, Rustic and Industrial themes, among others.

6. Images
Save your favorite images. On Pinterest, for example, you can create a section to save your favorite ideas.
7. Clear the Area
Clear the clutter and get creative! Clearing helps with the flow of good energy and, as we say, “less is more.” Minimalist design is in fashion. Draw on paper or take a photo of your area and draw on top of the photo (edit) what you would like to see differently. Your cell phone or iPad works very well.
8. Shopping
Go shopping! Bringing a friend is great to help you with new ideas. Be very careful to buy additional items and accessories to see if it looks good and if they do not work, return them. It is very common that you see your new idea in your mind, but when you take it to its place … it is not the same! So always buy more, different colors of cushions, plants, etc.
9. Hiring of Labor
Hire a professional Handyman, painter, carpenter, and / or electrician, and set up one or more days to get help hanging heavy objects on walls or putting together furniture, electrical work, painting walls, etc. Always ask him how much he charges per hour or per project in advance and add it to your budget. In general, they charge a fixed fee for mounting TV’s, ceiling fans, paint, etc., and they also charge hourly for minor jobs.
10. Start Decorating
It starts with the “skeleton” as I call it, “new or rearranged furniture”, and then you start decorating. Hang art on the wall and finish off the area with accent decorations like small plants, flowers, picture frames, or sculptures.