7 Tips To Decorate Your Vacation Home

A holiday home is very different from your residential home. You must take into account the following suggestions:
1. Consider the location. It is important where your property is located since that defines the theme that in essence should have. For example, if your property is in Orlando, Fl you should consider the beach, and the theme parks. I always suggest a tropical theme, with striking colors but at the same time colors that convey relaxation such as marine, white and gray aqua. You can accentuate with more vivid colors like coral, apple green and orange.
2. Think about everything you buy as livable. I always tell my clients if what I buy looks good and if it is functional. Well sometimes it looks pretty but in turn it isn’t functional. A room where several people can be at the same time and fit several, or a large dining room for 6-8 people if the house is for that many people.
3. Always think about adding fancy details. People who always rent under a broad or limited budget, always look for luxury touches. The sheets, pillows and mattresses should be of excellent quality and softness. Put your head or lie on the mattress, sofa, pillow etc and feel what your tenant can feel: luxury or not? And very important, the bedding must be white! Since white gives a sense of cleanliness
4. Keep the decoration consistent. It establishes a general theme in the property. For example, modern – tropical. That the whole house is required to reflect on that theme and if you use hanging lamps, let it be throughout the house. If you establish a theme in each room, that is all based on that theme. Be it colors, superhero theme, etc. that is seen to be all consistent. At the same time keep a range of colors throughout the property where they are constantly used since the tenant’s eye does not feel tired by so much variety. The consistency gives the impression that the decorator or owner took the time to decorate in detail and carefully thinking about the tenant.
5. Educate yourself about trends. You should always be up to date on what is in fashion, trends etc. You can use the furniture companies of Malibu, CA, Italy and South America as a reference. Your trusted decorator will know about market trends and can also help you a lot.
6. Invest in a designer or interior decorator. There are many people who buy their vacation properties and decide to decorate them themselves. That’s fine. But as a decorator and from experience, since it is a business, you have to see it and invest as such. Do not get carried away by what only you like. You should know what the general market likes, the trends, what it sells and what it doesn’t and especially, my property as well as it is decorated, is it worth it?
7. And most importantly, invest in a professional Photographer! With professional photos, the spaces look better, wider, and everything looks even nicer!